I grew up in Ithaca, NY and had an active childhood hiking the many gorge trails and exploring the city on my bicycle. I ran track and cross country all four years in high school, but started ultra-distance trail running while attending the University of Vermont in Burlington. There I met my best buddy Riley and together we became obsessed with long runs, racing, and our own self-organized running events.

Since graduation I’ve moved back to Ithaca, where I work part-time at the Finger Lakes Running Company, teach classes at Cornell Outdoor Education, and make art. Living in Ithaca, I’m able to enjoy miles and miles of beautiful trails. I thrive on technical terrain, and love feeling like a mountain goat on trails most people would consider too rugged for running. I do, however, enjoy road races from time to time, to test my speed, go for a new PR, or simply be a companion to a friend or my mom.

The people I’ve met through running have become my best friends and mentors over the years. I am grateful to be part of an outgoing group of people who have a passion for playing in nature and pushing their limits. Looking forward to the adventures ahead with Team RNR|MPF!