Latest Road Conditions - 3/27/13
Route has been changed slightly. I added a couple miles to the route that have us riding on some great roads so that we avoid a few stretches of 9 & 9D. The new route is posted above. The map can be downloaded to your phone or Garmin device.
Some of the dirt sections (9 sectors in total) have been graded and worked on this week and will continued to be worked on through the week. Many of the small rocks that are normally packed down are now on the surface (see pictures below). Conditions will improve each day as cars travel over them but take caution on some of the turns and descents.

Upland Drive is slightly a mess but very ride-able when negotiating the right lines. Its about 1 mile.

Some of the dirt road sections have been graded and reconditioned on 3/27/13. This makes the road a little soft but conditions will improve each day.

The last section of 9d that we are on before reaching Bear Mtn Bridge. The shoulders are a little banged up, watch your side wall here and stay single file.

Directions to the start of the ride. The Bear Mountain Inn, 55 Hessian Dr, Bear Mountain, NY 10911

Parking fee per vehicle is $8 after 8am.