As the Director of Operations & Admissions at a Montessori school in the Berkshires, I am not a fitness expert or running pro, but I am always keen to explore, push boundaries, and set sights on new goals. In the summer of 2010, two of my cousins and I started running in the wooded, rocky hills on property my family owns adjacent to October Mountain in Lee. MA.  We began carving out 5, 7, and 9 mile trail runs, most of which I would eventually learn were considered fairly technical trail running.

Early on, running was about the camaraderie and affection among cousins. We worked through difficult personal times on the trails. We found relief and sometimes clarity. When their company wasn’t readily available I found myself making the time to run by myself and for myself - not an easy feat with two children. I eventually entered a few trail races and was hooked. The more technical, the better, the more vertical, the better. Put the two together and I am happy!

I love the trail running community - the adventurous spirits with reverence for the woods, streams, and peaks. I look forward to pushing myself further, seeking new adventures, meeting new friends and giving back to the trail community through MPF RNR.

The 5th running of the Manitou's Revenge Ultramarathon and Relay is in the books! Here is just 4 minutes of the 13 hours it took MPF RNR athlete Kehr Davis to negotiate the 54 miles from Big Hollow Road to Phoenicia, NY on some of the most challenging terrain the East Coast has to offer.