Hello Joanne,

Below is a quick routine to do each day. This will help with any knee pain you may have. 

Step 1
Be sure to foam roll your quadriceps (thighs) well. Review the video so you do it right. This will really help loosen up the muscles which will take a lot of pressure off of your knee. Do this as often as you can, spending 1-3 minutes on each leg. Be sure to be relaxed and to foam roll slowly.

Step 2
After you foam roll, stretch your hip flexors and quads out by following the 2 videos before. Complete 8 - 10 reps each leg for each stretch. Always follow up foam rolling with stretching.

Step 3
After you stretch, complete 1 - 3 sets of Gluteal Bridges from the floor. Be sure to engage your glutes (butt muscles) with each rep. See the video below.

Cycling in Harriman State Park 9/15/14.