Thanks for visiting MPF Coaching! We offer monthly coaching & training services for endurance sports, adventures, as well as general strength & conditioning plans. 

These are highly individualized training plans that are strategically integrated with your day to day lifestyle for maximum effectiveness and adherence to your schedule. We learn as much about you as possible through our MPF questionnaires, athlete profiles, training history, and the rapport you develop with your coach through phone consults, training & coaching sessions, emails and video chat.

The more we learn about you, the more focused and effective your training will be. We design and plan your weekly, monthly & annual training based on your goals, training time availability, stress levels, sleep patterns, exercise history, and your health & injury profile. We will address mobility limitations, compensations, imbalances and injuries. The goal is for you to become a more resilient, knowledgeable and complete athlete for the adventures ahead.


How it Works

  • Plans are month to month with no start up fee. Once you select your coach and subscribe, you will be directed to a welcome page where you will find a few questionnaires to fill out. 
  • We will create you a Training Peaks account if you don't already have one. If you do have a TP account, we will send you a request to attach your athlete account with your coach. Training Peaks is where you will find your scheduled and completed workouts. If your using multiple fitness activity tracking sites such as Strava, Garmin Connect, etc. click here to learn how to sync all sites together for quick & easy uploading of data. 
  • Each week you will fill out a TTA Form (training time availability) for your coach. This ensures your training schedule matches your availability and is balanced properly with your day. Your schedule is continually refined based on your feedback and analysis of your completed workouts.
  • Each morning you will receive an email with your workouts. You can also view your training schedule at or through the TP app for your smartphone or tablet.
  • Stay in touch with your coach through email, texting, phone or video chat. 
  • Purchase recommended strength & conditioning equipment
  • Complete the scheduled workouts.
Adopt a training regime that targets your weakest link, the weakest link limits the strength of the entire chain, any way you strengthen that part, strengthens the whole.
— Gray Cook

Monthly Coaching Tier 2

A great value for athletes who need more guidance, communication and accountability and want to reach new peaks with their performance. Also a great option for busy lifestyles and for the athlete that has been limited by pain & injuries. Includes an integrated corrective exercise and strength & conditioning program. 

Select coach
  • No start up fee / month to month
  • A fully customized training schedule
  • Daily & weekly schedule reviews and adjustments
  • Movement Assessment
  • Corrective Exercise Plan
  • Strength & Conditioning Plan
  • Endurance & goal specific training plan
  • A account
  • Unlimited emails
  • Up to 4 phone or video consults per month (up to 30 minutes each).
  • Gear & equipment guidance
  • Nutritional guidance for training, racing & day to day
  • Techniques and strategies for efficient racing and training

Thanks to MPF’s training plan, not only was I mentally and physically prepared for The North Face 50 come race day but I was running pain free for the first time in my life!
— Ali
I met Elizabeth in July of 2007 when I got worried about getting out of breath just going up one flight of stairs. When I met her, I could barely do 10 minutes on the elliptical, and I am now about to run the New York City Marathon!
— Mike
I have learned a lot about nutrition, hydration, and recovery which play very important roles in helping an athlete perform at his or her peak level. I can’t say enough good things about Joe & Mountain Peak Fitness.
— Marianne
After suffering from a pelvic injury 4 years ago (during a period when I was regrettably not working with MPF), doctors told me I shouldn’t run. I was devastated, but just took it one day at a time and thanks to Elizabeth, I’ve gotten stronger than I’ve ever been. Elizabeth has gotten me back to running, completely pain free!
— Sheryl
My goal for many years had been to run a 50 mile race. I would never have been able to accomplish this without Elizabeth’s expertise, encouragement, training and support. She helped me rehabilitate injuries I thought I was destined to live with.
— Ilene
This morning, I did everything you suggested, right down to running a mile to warm up just before the race. The result was that I shaved a full minute and 26 seconds off my previous best!
— Mark